Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Interview with a patient


(membersihkan sawang dan habuk yang dah melekat pada blog ini.. =P )

Agak lama aku tinggalkan blog. Kekangan masa dan assignment yang menimbun sedikit sebanyak menghalang niat untuk ber'blogging'. Ok, straight to the point. Tomorrow my badge gonna go to HUKM for some clinical practise. We are divided into 2 groups which one group will go for orthopedics interview and another group need to go for medical interview. And I am in the group for medical interview. =)  We need to interview the patients (prefer to pronounce them as client)! May Allah ease everything for my interview session with the client. So., just wanna share some tips/flow for history taking.

  1. Client demographics -background of the client (eg: age, marital status, where they live, etc)
  2. Chief complain - client main problem (eg: having numbness)
  3. Current illness - what illness they faced for this moment (eg: hyperthyroidism, diabetes)
  4. Past medical/surgical - eg: got any medical problem before/have or have not been through for surgical
  5. Medication- eg: does the client take medication? what type of medication?
  6. Allergies - eg: does client having allergies?
  7. Family history - family background (eg: whom do u stay with?)
  8. Social history- eg: how do u spend your leisure time?

That is some tips that I can share. TQ. =)

*Good history taking will help you solve the puzzle*