Sunday, September 15, 2013

Do What You've To Do.


Hey guys!!! (waving) hehe.

It has been so long that I haven't post anything in my blog. Finally, I am currently in my final year semester 1!!!! Mixed feeling guys! Nervous+happy+worry+sad all in one. I just hope that Allah help me and ease my way to go through it. Currently busy preparing my research proposal which need to send next week after the presentation. Burn the midnight oil+petrol+diesel+ngv. Lol. Soooo., it will be just a short entry to be post. 

Ok, back to the title. Actually not much to say. Just wanna share a phrase.

"When you want to learn something. 
Just do what you've to do"

For me its a good phrase to be kept in my mind. I got it from my supervisor during I met her. After finished talk and discuss about my research proposal, she told me this. In fact, it is true. When you wanna learn something, you  just do what you've to do and not choosing what you like or what you dont like. 

Or the best way is, when you want to learn something, learn for the sake of Allah. Learn because you are eager to know something. For me, it can help me to become more focus. Furthermore, when you learn for the sake of Allah, it will be consider "pahala" (written to be as a good deeds and will be rewarded in hereafter) starting from you start study until you finish. As in Islam, anything that you do, depend on your intention (can refer to hadith riwayat al bukhari no 1, 54, 2529, 3898, 5070, 6689, 6953, Muslim no 1907, Abu Daud no 2201, al-Tirmizi no 1646, al-Nasa'i no 1/59-60, VI/158, Ibn Majah no 4227 and Ahmad no 1/25,43). 

Good intention = even you haven't done it yet = written as good deed = pahala = get reward from Allah
Bad intention = do as what you intent = written as bad deed = dosa = get punishment from Allah if you dont repent
(If you just intent but dont do yet, will not write as bad deeds)

May Allah always lead us on the right pathway which He pleased (redha). 

Ok. That's all for this entry.

(continue editing my research proposal)