Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ADL in the kitchen!!!!


Pada hari Isnin yang lalu (10.10.2011). Kelas Evaluation of Activities of Daily Living(ADL), kami perlu memasak. Again with oku condition. Actually its good for us I think because before we (occupational therapist will be) evaluate or plan the intervention for the disable people, we had feel how the oku carry out those ADL with limited ability. As we were asked to act as if that we are disable. Its awesome because we got the chance to feel it. And the best word to described it was DIFFICULT. Really difficult to carry out activities with limited abilities. Our task is to prepare for lunch.

The MENU are::
  • Bubur nasi
  • Sup ayam
  • Sayur goreng
  • Ikan pari bakar (at last jadi ikan goreng je..hehe)

  • Right hemiplegia(right side cannot move)
  • Left hemiplegia(left side cannot move)
  • Paraplegia(both upper and lower extremities cannot move)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis(sakit sendi)

I got the rheumatoid arthritis condition. And our group task is to prepare ikan pari bakar. At first, memang nak buat ikan bakar. Dah siap balut dalam aluminium foil. Malangnya kami kesuntukan masa dan setelah 1 jam ikan masih tak masak. So, kami goreng je ikan tu. Hehe. For rheumatoid arthritis condition I cant really grasp things like normal person can do. To hold the knife, I used knife which has been modified for the arthritis patient. The knife was big and quite difficult to use because we are not used to it.

The ingredients....

Our kitchen...

 Cutting the fish

 Lumurkan ikan pari dengan garam+kunyit

Knife that I talk about. Big right??

I think he is right hemiplegia. But why is he using both of his hands??? (erk~)

 Lets eat!!!! :))

At last all the menu are ready! And we got praised by Pn Maziyah and Cik Muhaini. They said we have talent in cooking! Hehe. :)

p/s:: Bersyukur dengan segala nikmat yang Allah beri kepada kita. 
Ingatlah 5 perkara sebelum datang 5 perkara::
  1. Muda sebelum tua
  2. Kaya sebelum miskin
  3. Sihat sebelum sakit
  4. Lapang sebelum sempit
  5. Hidup sebelum mati
Gunakan nikmat yang diberi sebaiknya. Jangan engkau sia-siakan peluang diberi kerana masa akan terus berjalan tanpa dapat engkau undurkan sedikit pun masa itu ke belakang!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy!!!! :))


SooooooOOOOoooo...happy for a moment. 

Alhamdulillah got a new knowledge just now. Actually there are a converter software which can convert all things. Anything that you want...From flv to wmv, mov to wmv and what so ever type of video, audio and so on. Whoooaa!!! How great is the technology. But do remember. Dont let the technology development make you forget to Allah. :)

Actually I got an assignment which we need to act it out and record the video based on the modul assessment(regardless to OT-my course). My partner record the video (with my camera-erk~ no need to state actually.hehe) using high resolution. After finish the recording part, open in my lappy...and......cannot open!!! need to find the codec and what so ever. 

Mood:: searching...............................

At last found the software. Thanks to my friend for giving me the idea. Furthermore, my friend is taking some sort like IT course. Of course my friend will definitely know more right. Hehe. Thanks again to my friend.

Here is the link if u like to download it -> Format Factory Download

** Terima kasih ya Allah kerana Kau permudahkan urusanku.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011



feel better with these sentences??? huhu

Bukan lah suatu kehidupan yang normal jika tak pernah rasa stress.
Yang membezakan adalah cara kita menanganinya.



** ya Allah aku yakin bahawa Engkau
sentiasa bersamaku. 
Bukakanlah jalan dan permudahkan aku 
dalam segala urusan.