Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy!!!! :))


SooooooOOOOoooo...happy for a moment. 

Alhamdulillah got a new knowledge just now. Actually there are a converter software which can convert all things. Anything that you want...From flv to wmv, mov to wmv and what so ever type of video, audio and so on. Whoooaa!!! How great is the technology. But do remember. Dont let the technology development make you forget to Allah. :)

Actually I got an assignment which we need to act it out and record the video based on the modul assessment(regardless to OT-my course). My partner record the video (with my camera-erk~ no need to state actually.hehe) using high resolution. After finish the recording part, open in my lappy...and......cannot open!!! need to find the codec and what so ever. 

Mood:: searching...............................

At last found the software. Thanks to my friend for giving me the idea. Furthermore, my friend is taking some sort like IT course. Of course my friend will definitely know more right. Hehe. Thanks again to my friend.

Here is the link if u like to download it -> Format Factory Download

** Terima kasih ya Allah kerana Kau permudahkan urusanku.

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