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DATE: 21st February 2011
VENUE: spastic centre, selangor & wilayah persekutuan
PERSONS INVOVLED: Occupational Therapy 1st year student

banyak pengalaman n ilmu dapat kami timba..
ini lah pertama kali aku dapat mengenali insan seperti mereka dengan lebih rapat.
sebelum ini pernah jumpa, tapi setakat jumpa-jumpa macam tu je...
tak berkesempatan untuk bertegur sapa...

apa itu kanak-kanak spastik????
sebenarnya kanak-kanak spastik ni adalah mereka yang mengalami cerebral palsy.

cerebral palsy la pulak...apa benda pulak tu???? hehe
cerebral palsy is a disorder of movement, posture, which usually appear in the early of life.
It is due to the damage or failure to develop normally in a small part of brain controlling these activities.

spastic centre that we went is a very good example of non-government organization which help the spastic people a lot. As we know, many people seems dont care or simply ignore for these group of people. We as the occupational therapist, physiotherapist, and speech therapist especially play an important role to help them. for occupational therapist especially, we train them and our objectives is to maximize their independent eventhough there are having disabilities via purposeful activity. We will train them for fine motor movement(eg: for holding/grasping a pen/pencil), to sterghten their muscle and a lot!!!

here is some photo that i can share. Maybe you can more understand with it..enjoy it! :))

activity: practising to rolling their body on their own
aim: to strengten their muscle and bone before they can walk. but it is a possibility for them to walk. not all can walk even they have done this activity

activity: the teachers are applying play and learn concept
one of the child is tighten coz he is too floppy. In order to prevent him from fall so we need to tight him to the special chair provided.

much clearer picture. wonder why the desk have curve???
so they can sit down straight and dont fall.

this is sharul who gonna demonstrate us using the motorise wheelchair
which is bought by his mom...
Not all are affordable to have these wheelchair coz it is expensive. He is 20 years old :))

shoes wear by the spastic children help to strengten the legs. Cause some of the children the legs are not straight. a little bit bend.

this is a hydrotherapy activity done by the physiotherapist. Sometimes some children they cant walk but they can swim. More or less these help them to move their muscle so the muscle is not too stiffs.

believes or not???!!!!! this is orinally handmade by the spastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool!! coz i oso donno how to do that.. T.T
new challenge for me...i need to learn these cross stitch stuffs during semester break!!!
(tools need to be add on in your tools bag wahidah!) :))

This is Amirul. if u can see, his left hand is weak. These activity help to generate his fine motor skills. He is order to pick the pins according to colour group. Like say, if he pick the yellow one, he need to finished up first the yellow colour, then he can pick other colour. When finished, he is order to place back the pins according to the colour group also. This is done by the OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST! :))

look!!!! Amirul is writing!!!!!! with his right hand....his right hand is ok..he is copying of my writing. I write no 2, then he follow copy...soooo happy!! :)

boccia games played by them. one white ball was placed on one point. They need to throw the ball. The nearer the ball that u throw to the white ball, u will win!!!

Some of the lyrics sang by them

their music instrument! if they cant use their hand to hold it. they might use their wrist or even legs!

year 1 student of Occupational Therapy UKM....

last but not least, me, huda n shakira taking picture with khairunisa! she is 22 years old and beautiful. :)

p/s: this is some info that i can share...if anything, u can just ask me or find it by yourself through the Mr spiderman (the 'web', internet!) hehe :))

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